At the heart of every well-run business is a strong system where all of the components are aligned with each other and function as an integrated whole. That is, strategy, structure, processes, culture, leaders, individual contributors, suppliers, etc. all need to all work together in order to achieve desired results. This is easy to say, but not easy to do. Trenton Performance Consulting focuses on understanding the system in every organization and how it can be enhanced in order to boost performance. No matter if you need an employee engagement program, leadership development training, or a culture that needs to be changed, Trenton Performance Consulting can assist you.

Here is a listing of some of the solutions that we can offer to clients. These lists are not exhaustive by any means, so please contact us, if you have a need for a solution that you do not see below.
In addition, Trenton Performance Consulting is certified to run a wide range of Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE) workshops for instructors and administrators. These workshops focus on innovative strategies for K-12 and college-level classroom management including topics such as student engagement, motivation, and discipline. Please visit this link for more information about CTE – Time To Teach Trainer | The Center for Teacher Effectiveness To learn more about how we can run CTE workshops at your organization, please contact us.


Individual-Level (Workforce) Solutions

Personality assessments, coaching and performance management, career and professional development, employee engagement and retention, work motivation strategies, learning and development programs to enhance relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities


Group/Team-Level Solutions

Leadership assessments, coaching and mentoring, team assessments, team facilitation and development, team decision-making, leadership assessments and development, team building, conducting effective team meetings, communication strategies, learning and development programs to enhance relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities


Organizational-Level Solutions

Strategic planning, organizational design, process evaluation and improvement, organizational culture change, management of organizational change, performance excellence (Baldrige Framework), organizational surveys, program/initiative evaluation, HR audits, performance management, workforce diversity, cultural intelligence